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New Cirrus Generation 5 SR22 GTS Turbo - Biggin Hill

Features: Increased useful load 200 pounds heavier than its predecessors thus enabling up to 5 passengers in a spacious climate controlled leather cabin, FIKI de-icing system certified which means the G5 is approved for Flight into known icing. Built in Oxygen, Airbag seatbelts, the acclaimed Cirrus airframe parachute.

Performance: 213 KTAS Cruise @ Altitude

Avionics: WORLD CLASS AVIONICS. With such features as Active Traffic Information, Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), Blue Level Button, Infrared Enhanced Vision and Digital 3 axis autopilot, the avionics in the SR22T are second to none.

¼ Equity Share approximately: £ Ask

Flat monthly fee to cover
fixed running costs
: £ Ask

Aircraft is managed on behalf of the shareholders through a lean operating model which ensures maximum cost optimization and a smooth turn key operation for shareholders.